DELIVERIES: If a driver has to self-isolate, and we're unable to arrange cover, you will be emailed with a new delivery date.

OFFICE: Our office staff are working remotely, if you’re waiting on a delivery please send us a message via the tracking page.

Making Contact with us about a delivery... Expecting a delivery? If you have been asked to confirm a delivery but need to make contact, please use the 'Send Us A Message' feature in the Delivery Options section on the Tracking page for your order.
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You can access the Tracking page by: 1) Following the link in the original order confirmation email you were sent. OR 2) Entering your Tracking Number into the 'Track Package' section above and pressing Enter. On the Tracking page you will then need to enter your postcode to activate the Delivery Options section. Why no phone number? The 'Send Us A Message' feature is by far the simplest way to make contact with us and ensure your query is dealt with as quickly as possible. This is much faster than being on hold and more reliable than a phone call where communication errors can occur. If you didn’t get the email? Maybe the sender has the wrong email for you, please contact them and ask for the Tracking Number, you can then follow the above procedure for accessing the Tracking page. You may also want to ask the sender to pass the correct email address to us so you don’t miss out on any further updates. Please don’t reply to our emails... Our order update emails are automatic and not monitored. Confirming delivery day, updating phone numbers and messaging us can all be done online from the Delivery Options section of the Tracking Page.
Customers with a shipping account... Please make contact via the 'Send Us A Message' option on the tracking page of the order you wish to discuss.
Suggestions... We love to hear your comments and if you think of anything to make things easier or better. Please click this link to email us a suggestion. One thing we can’t do is bring back the phone number as we move into an online world.
Sales... We will have the sales director contact you ASAP. Please click this link to email us about new business.